Industrial Tags and Aluminum Plates

As part of our customizable offerings, Lamacoids town provides laser engraved Lamacoids for commercial and industrial use in Canada. We create personalized Laser Etched stainless steel tags for sale, engraved Lamacoid valve tags online. Shop for high-quality Lamacoid name tags online.

The anodized aluminum tags and stainless-steel tags can be used as valve tags, cable tags, safety signs, or custom stencils. However, that’s not all! There’s so much more that can be done with customizable metal tags, all depending on your needs.

These tags can be used indoors and outdoors, the laser engraving ensures its durability and ability to withstand harsh weathers outdoors. Our tags come in different sizes and different colours based on your needs and preference.

The customizable metal tags can help you identify your equipment and ensure your wires are labelled correctly, in return this ensures better tracking of the equipment and most importantly, the safety of the employees working near and around the labelled wires.   

We offer quality custom metal tags for various equipment to our customers within Canada and can’t wait to provide you with this service. Here at Lamacoids Town, we give you the ability to customize the metal tags to suit your own equipment and ensure you abide by your industry’s standards and regulations to ensure the proper identification of your equipment and the safety of your employees.

Please allow us to help you ensure you have properly identified your equipment and cables on your site as well as maintaining the safety of your employees using them.